Friday, April 21, 2017

the magic and medicine work of the internet

There is magic in the internet, and it shines through. Firstly, in the hearts and words of readers, for which I must thank you - your comments on yesterday's post were much appreciated and I have answered there. But also in the things we can find when we reach into this space of light ... when we reach carefully, and mindfully, that is. Let me show you what I found, this quiet, rainy Sunday morning ...

I read Sharon Blackie's article on falling into the land's dreaming, which reminded me to sit awhile and listen to my own land's wept elegies. I answered with my heart's weeping for what I have lost too. And I saw then how we are sisters, this water-logged place and I, sisters in sorrow, both of us grieving for trees, even though I am a hill woman and she is the memory of the sea.

And then, since I was thinking about creating a e-newsletter, I looked again at the latest one from Sylvia Linsteadt, who always writes something I love to read. Maybe it was because of the Mariee Sioux music I was listening to, or the rain outside which sounded akin to that music, or the reminder of my lost hills which sound also like Mariee, like rain ... or maybe because I just linger in the same small circles ... that I went unintentionally from Sharon to Sylvia, who are so alike in their beautiful weaving of earth wisdom, earth songs. In any case, one of the links I'd not yet read in Sylvia's newsletter was an article by Natalie Diaz ...

If what I mean is hummingbird, if what I mean is fall into my mouth. This lovely, heart-enrichening piece about lost language spoke to me as I try to find ways to communicate through a deepening silence. I was reminded how important it is to know just what I want to say so I can know how to say it. It involves listening to myself, falling into my own dreaming.

I went to make a cup of tea, and when I returned I noticed an as-yet unviewed tab. It held Suskir's pinboard, Nourish, Medicine, Dreaming. And the first pin was captioned with a small piece of writing I'd actually read earlier in the morning in a post from someone else on Facebook ....

Instead of judging yourself for being dreamy and unproductive, why not set about some nothingness today. Let your mind wander off into the metaphorest. Notice the ideas that appear there like wild animals in the quiet. Follow your daydreams through until they yield some juicy fruit, and remember to taste them with a touch of relish. . - © 2007 Toko-pa Turner

The title of this piece is Dreamspeak.

The echo of these words, coming after the articles I had just read, emphasised that Old Mama World, oh yes, she was talking with me.

So I listened some more to what Toko-pa had to share, and she led me to the centre of it all, and one of the wisest descriptions of the Mama I've ever heard. Women, listen to this video, and remember - this is what we can do for the world. This is our blessing-power and our blessing-way.

Over the years, I have gathered internet sites to nourish me in different ways. Today I saw clearly what I had made for myself from this great web of light, dark, words, links : a medicine bag, out of which I draw wisdom, guidance, inspiration, stories, heartsongs, every day.

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