Friday, April 21, 2017

sacred homemaking

As I sit here in the pale, quiet light, awaiting the worst storm in fifty years, I feel now and again a seawash of coolness coming through the opening window to touch me. It is only slightly chilling; mostly, it is softening. I do so love the hours before a storm.

And I love autumn too, with its gentle drawing inward. It is such a homey season. It inspires an instinct towards warming, sheltering, which seems to me like an instinct for love. I wonder if in autumn prehistoric people brought the year's last flowers into their caves, and found aesthetic pleasure in rugs, and in whatever softness they could make for themselves. There really is something so sacred about making a home here on earth, in this life - making a space of love which reflects what we experience of divine love. Making a space which keeps people warm, makes them feel safe and comfortable, so they can open themselves to love too.

Which is why I am always saddened where I hear young people being asked what they want to do with their lives, what job they want, with no consideration or respect for the possibility that they might wish more than anything to be a full-time homemaker. It's something many young women struggle with, but I wonder how many young men also feel the same, perhaps even worse, as while homemaking is thought of as a lesser option for women, it is not  thought of at all for men.

My sky is blanching, my garden growing still. Soon the rain will be here. I am going to change my weblog, to make it warmer, more cosy. Homemaking does not only happen in rooms. It happens in your heart and your creative imagination too.

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